Monday, April 25, 2016

Technology in the Workplace

There are many reason why you should have technology in your workplace. In this blog I want to talk about some important advantages technology provides employers with everyday life tasks and how technology saves money as well. Business technology improves communication between employees and/or business to business. Office workers are not limited to phone calls or face-to-face interaction with each other anymore. With technology, employees can send email instantly without interrupting the other person, even if they are busy working on something else. Meeting are another advantage because with technology, employees can do a presentation on PowerPoint and present a very knowledgeable presentation to other employees. Meetings can also take place online and through skype. Skype is a online video chat that allows one user to video call someone else. For business, technology has help them in the recruiting process so that each potential interview does not have to take place in person right away. Employers can do telephone interview now and eliminate potential people who won't get the job. With telephone interviews, this saves employers time and money. Technology in the workplace practically eliminates space and time with video conferencing technology allowing businesses on any part of the globe to interact with one another. Technology also reduces travel costs because businesses can set up virtual meetings and distribute data without the need to be in the same room. So as you may already see, technology has a huge impact on the day-to-day tasks that goes on at organizations. This process decreases time and cost spent on these tasks and helps the company overall obtain efficiency.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Multiple links to educational sites

The link above is an awesome website for kids who love math! This website has numerous math games that kids can play and spend a lot of time and even learn as they are playing games. So to the parents who give their kids technology devices to let them play, give them this website to actually have them learn something!

Another link is this spelling city where kids can get more spelling practices and to enhance their vocabulary. Kids can play games, watch videos, ask questions regarding different words, learn tactics and much more.

Kids can learn more about thanksgiving and watch videos about the first thanksgiving as well. This site provides photos, letters, teaching resources, and what daily life actually was back then.

If kids or the parents want their kids to have some practice for standardized tests, this is a site they can go on. From English to mathematics, kids will be able to practice and enhance their knowledge in every subject and become smarter each and every day.

If your kid has a question regarding a certain math problem, a question about a word or phrase, or anything along the lines of what they are learning in school, they can go onto this site and ask away. There are also other websites they can go and learn more and more each day. More questions equal more knowledge.

Below are more sites for kids to visit and spend some time on. Each and every site will help kids learn and prepare them for their classes.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who is Apple Inc?

Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple was established to sell a personal computer kit. Throughout the years Apple created more and more technology from computers to phones to music technology. Apple has become the biggest technology business in the world just by being more innovated than their competitors. In 2007-2011, the success with mobile devices became known and Apple took advantage of this opportunity. With Apple producing the iPod allowing people to have a handheld device that could hold more than 1000 songs, people soon knew who Apple was. With Apple improving their generations of the iPod, Apple also invented the iPhone, the first smartphone of this generation. Within years Apple became the most profitable technology company in the world. They upgraded their products and continued innovating rapidly. Apple didn't just become an music and phone industry but started expanding and moved into the computer industry as well. The MacBook was first launched in 2006 and wasn't very popular then. It was relaunched in 2015 and since the technology was so popular then, the Macbook was very popular to everyone. There was no specific age to which Apple advertised or made their products for. Their main purpose and goal was to have every consumer to experience the most out of their products. The company also believes in high-quality products that will stay and work for the consumer for years to come. With this type of quality, the consumer has loyalty to Apple and decreases the chances of them switching to other companies/competitors.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apple iPhone

Today I want to talk about the Apple's newest news about their new iPhone announcement. As many of you may already know, Apple came out with a 4-inch iPhone SE, which is supposedly the latest and greatest processor and camera technology that both customers and Apple will be able to stand by the device for years to come. This phone is for the cheaper folks who want an iPhone but don't want to pay all that money for the newest iPhone and don't want to buy a used one. This is the most affordable iPhone Apple has ever made. The iPhone SE boasts the same A9 chip and high quality 12-megapixel camera as the iPhone series and support for Apple Pay contactless payments. Although, Apple is expecting a launching of their new iPhone 7 this fall, this phone has most of the same features as the latest models but a smaller screen. Why still buy this? The longevity and quality of this phone is same or could be even better than the other models. Consumers who purchase the iPhone SE can know with confidence that it will continue to be supported and operate properly for years to come. Although this phone takes the body of an iPhone 5, the features include Bluetooth 4.2, fast 802.11ac Wifi, and VoLTE. Rumors have also suggested that it could have a 1,624 mAh battery, which is larger than the battery in the iPhone 5s. So if you want an iPhone that isn't expensive but come with guaranteed quality and longevity, this is the perfect phone for you. Click Here!

How to use the iPad

For those of you who have or have been thinking about buying an iPad, you should. The iPad by Apple is a great invention for those of you who like using iPhone who want something bigger, or those who like using a laptop and want something smaller. There are a couple of reasons why people choose to buy the iPad over many other products. For one, you can take it anywhere. The portability for the iPad allows you to carry it in a back or backpack, is easily accessible, and you can go anywhere and have it with you. This allows you to check your email or get on the internet wherever you want, as long as you have data or WiFi. There are many features regarding how you use the iPad. For a college student, they could take notes and do homework on it. Most people also find the iPad much easier to work with and carry around than having a laptop. For the iPhone users, the iPad is just a little bigger. Are you able to call people? No. But everything else, the iPad can also do. The iPad can also have many apps on the device, over 375,000 apps are designed for the iPad, and each of these apps are made to either entertain you in a specific way or make your life easier. And with those apps you can read books, create works of music and art, launch a journal or blog, organize your life, entertain and inform your kids and grandkids, capture and edit movies and pictures, make and receive free video calls, enjoy your favorite music and movies, spend an unhealthy amount of time with Twitter and Facebook, and fling birds at pigs.Click Here!

Desktop vs Laptop

If you are thinking about buying a new computer but can't decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop, I hope this blog helps you. The cost is very different for both:
Desktops can start as low as $400 for a full package (computer and monitor) and still be a pretty powerful system but the prices still have a wide variety. Laptops have a fairly wide variety of component options but they are more limited than desktops. For a more powerful and faster laptop, prices are pretty high and can range up to $1500 or more, depending on the brand.
Desktops are large in size and have a separate monitor. While it is possible to transport your desktop from place to place, it could be tiresome. Laptops however are very portable and can be carried to about anywhere and available to use quickly. Due to their compact size, they can be taken from place to place and be carried in backpacks or laptop carrying case.
Ease of use:
Setting up a desktop can be tiresome as well as it is much harder than a laptop. You have to hook everything up, start it up, and then able to use it. Also requires more space to use it. Laptops are built to be easy to use, requiring little time and effort to get running.
If you are a gamer and looking for a computer to buy for initially playing games, then choose a desktop. They are capable of using high-powered video cards that have higher power requirements and require better heat reduction/dissipation. Physical space is limited in a laptop which could limit the graphic capabilities. The heat reduction/dissipation is limited by the space in the laptop case and power is also limited which doesn't allow for video cards needing those higher amounts of wattage to run.
I hope after reading this blog, this will help you make a better decision when buying a computer.

Promoting Men's T-Shirt

Today I want to introduce to you a t-shirt that will have a huge impact on you and also an impact on children using technology in the classroom.This t-shirt for Men is very affordable and extremely nice. The design on the t-shirt is a picture that says digital storybook. We represent an idea to provide a digital storybook to children in the class room to enhance their creative minds and their reading ability. Throughout this story, the kids will be reading along and come up to questions/decisions that will lead to a specific story for the rest of the book. Each question has a alternative story line and the kids can choose whatever story they want to experience letting them build onto their creativeness. This t-shirt is the first step to accomplishing this goal. By buying and wearing this t-shirt, you are able to show others your support for this idea and let other know what this idea is. Here is a picture of the t-shirt along with the details as well.
Men's V-Neck T-Shirt
Sizes include small, medium, large, extra large, 2x large.
The shirt comes in 4 colors: Black, Navy, Heather Gray, Stone Blue.
Other information are as follows:
  • Men's V-Neck T-Shirt
  • 100% ringspun cotton, Heather Grey is 97/3 cotton-poly blend
  • Classic fit
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
  • We want to thank you for time in reading this promotion of the Men's v-neck t-shirt. We hope you make the decision to look more into this offer and hopefully when you buy this product, you will be able to share with other the idea of providing more technology to children in the classrooms.